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Kei Sugano (aka. Keita Roimo)

Born in October 15, 1985.


Started music career when 14 years old since my dad gave me the DAW application
called as: 'SingerSongWriter2.0'.
In 2008 started uploading the music composition and rap music on Niconico Douga
with the name 'Shiroto Daigakusei(素人大学生)', involved in couples of online
collaboration with multiple net rappers such as Nozaki Ricon.



Effected by my little brother reading cartoons, thought drawing cartoon by myself was
entertainig. Precisely speaking, started drawing manga since 19 years old, mainly motivated by ARMS of Ryoji Minagawa.
After then continued drawing cartoons and brought these to publishing companies,
and remained the final phase of annual competition in Akita Shoten but failed finally.
In August of 2016, since cartoon "Communist Daily 共産主義の日常" gained attraction
from cyber gang group ハセカラ民, it became really popular and somehow
evaded hostility from the online community and partially my cartoon accepted.
Some fans drawn artworks of Natasha Pomuskyv(ナターシャ・ポミュスキー)
and some of them created the 3D music video of it.


The old archive of Communist Daily 共産主義の日常 is only available in Kindle Store.


Fan Arts

Nacchi1 Nacchi2
Nacchi3 Nacchi5

There are couples of others used to be there on the Internet, which is not accessible now. (if you used to draw the fan art, please contact me:

Fan MV


Coming Soon....